finnova joins “Team Swiss Fintech Day”

The ecosystem is coming together for the fintech flagship event

finnova stands for Swiss-made smarter banking and is a longterm supporter of Swiss Finance Startups. With finnova, we’ve found a valuable partner for this year’s Swiss Fintech Day which focusses on the ecosystem in digitization.

Urs Haeusler, SFS board member and DealMarket CEO: “We are proud and happy to have finnova on board as partners. We work together for quite some time now and are glad that finnova will once again support the work of SFS and therefore fintech and startups in Switzerland.”

The Swiss Fintech Day is not just a fintech event, it is about the future of the Swiss economy in digitization. The financial center is an important pillar of the economy and job market here in Switzerland. A better fintech and startup environment will contribute to a futureproof Swiss market. More partners are joining in for Swiss Fintech Day 2017 – stay tuned for further updates.



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