JobsOhio to attend Swiss Fintech Day 2017

#fintech #theSwissway is going international this year

This year’s Swiss Fintech Day will be expanded to an international level. With JobsOhio we can finally reveal our first international partner. Valentina Isakina,
Managing Director JobsOhio, will join the Expansion Panel moderated by FUW journalist Valentin Ade in the afternoon of Swiss Fintech Day. They will lead a discussion together with other representatives of international fintech and startup hubs.

Christina Kehl, Managing Director SFS: “It is about time to take the Swiss Fintech Day to another level. In times of digitization and globalization we can only benefit from the outside perspective. JobsOhio will contribute the US perspective to our event but with a different angle from what we might already be used to from New York or Silicon Valley. I am super excited about the upcoming panel discussion.”

The program and partner base is still evolving every day. More partners and panelists will be revealed soon.



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