9:45 Door Opening

Morning Agenda: Bundesrat goes digital

10:15 Start Morning Agenda (Seminar), German language

10:15: Official Welcome

10:20: Startup & Corporate Innovation Pitstops:
– Loanboox
– Lykke
– Aduno Gruppe & Contovista

11:25 Fireside Chat
Bundesrat Johann N. Schneider-Ammann and Christina Kehl (SFS)

11:30 Keynote by Rino Borini, financialmedia: “Let’s talk about Switzerland Baby!”

11:50: Panel discussion moderated by Mark Dittli: “Egosystem vs. Ecosystem”
– Johann Gevers, Monetas
– Urs Haeusler, Swiss Finance Startups/DealMarket
– Martin Hess, Swiss Bankers Association
– Patrick Hunger, Saxo Bank Switzerland
– Jan Schoch, Leonteq

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break

Eat & Network on the rooftop ‘Playground’ area

13:30 Afternoon Door Opening

Afternoon Agenda – fintech & digitization hands-on

See floorpan to find your way around.

14:00 Start Block I

(1) Seminar: “Welcome to the Darknet”, Talk + Q&A led by Cyrill Tröndle (English language)

(2) Creation Corner: “Applying machine learning to cyber security”, Input Session by AdNovum (German or English language)

(3) Lounge: HWZ info corner (Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich) (German or English language)

(4) Room (A): KPMG’s FinTech Advisory Box (German or English language)

15:00 Start Block II

(1) Seminar: “Artificial intelligence – Decoding the human brain”, Talk + Q&A led by Pascal Kaufmann (English language)

(2) Creation Corner: “Cybercrime & Digital Marketing – learn from the pros”, input session by Adrian Humbel, Abacus Research (German or English language)

(3) Lounge: “The state of cybersecurity of Switzerland”, Workshop led by Tiago Henriques (English language)

(4) Room (A): KPMG’s FinTech Advisory Box (German or English language)

16:00 Start Block III

(1) Seminar: Panel “Ecosystem – act local, think global” by Valentin Ade
Valentina A. Isakina (Ohio, US), Shaul Lifshitz (Tel Aviv, ISR), Eva May (Zurich, CH), Simon Schou (Fintech Copenhagen) (English language)

(2) Creation Corner: closed

(3) Lounge: “User Testing and Evaluation: Don’t Just Assume, Verify” by ginetta (German or English language)

(4) Room (A): KPMG’s FinTech Advisory Box (German or English language)

17:00 – 19:00 Afterwork

Rooftop Playground Networking with BBQ, smoothies, cocktails and lounge music