Workshops & Sessions

14:00 Creation Corner

Title: Applying machine learning to cyber security

Workshop by Aldo Rodenhäuser, AdNovum (German or English language)

Description: Thanks to the evolving machine learning technology, many emerging security risks can be eliminated before they cause any financial loss or damage to your reputation. Attack vectors are multiplying due to increased digitization, and the attacks are getting more sophisticated. These new security risks require new approaches which integrate information from various sources to prevent unauthorized access or fraud. We show different approaches and – putting them together – how machine learning technologies enhance your cyber security, while also increasing user satisfaction.

portrait_adn_aldo_rodenhaeuser_600x800Aldo Rodenhäuser is Head of Security Consulting at AdNovum and has more than 10 years of experience as an IT security analyst and advisor. In his work, he focuses on cyber security, identity and access management and mobile security. He provides advice to leading global banks and government institutions in Asia and Europe on their security strategies and architectures as well as their organizational and technological risks on a regular basis.

14:00 Lounge

Title: Digital talent needs digital leaders 

Info session by Manuel P. Nappo,  CAS (HWZ) (German or English language)

ManuelNappo Manuel P. Nappo studied International Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). After working for companies such as Red Bull and GroupM, he joined the Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zurich (HWZ) as the course director of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Social Media Management. In 2011, Nappo became Head of the Fachstelle Social Media Management and is Head of the Center for Digital Business & MAS Digital Business since 2014. His main focus lies on digital leadership, social media, digital communications, mobile business, start-ups and digital talent.

15:00 Creation Corner

Titel: “Cybercrime & Digital Marketing – learn from the pros”

Input session by Adrian Humbel, Abacus (German or English language)

Description: How comes people open virus spam mail, while they send your genius newsletter unopened to the bin? cybercrime and good digital marketing share amazing similar recipes for success, as well as constraints like limited budgets.Successful cybercrime attacks use social engineering, personalization, HCD, cloud services, latest knowledge from psychology and online human behaviour, artificial intelligence and much more! What can we learn from these techniques for our own digital marketing within ethical and legal boundaries of course? Can we reduce risks of attacks on our own with this knowledge? Let’s discuss!

pastedgraphic-3Adrian Humbel is Head of Marketing at Abacus Research AG in St. Gallen. Prior to this, he was 5 years responsible as Head Security Solutions for the overall Security Portfolio of Swisscom for it’s enterprise customers. This included innovations like Swiss Trust Room, 2-factor-authentication mobileID, he furthermore managed security services with a 24/7 security operation center. At SwissSign, a Swiss Post subsidiary, Adrian served 5 years as CEO, significantly developed their certificate business and introduced SuisseID and the Swiss Post secure mail offering IncaMail to Swiss and international markets. Adrian gained national and international IT knowledge during 15 years at Novell Inc. where he held positions like Country Manager Switzerland and VP EMEA Security & Identity. Adrian holds an MBA in economics and information technology from the University St.Gallen.

15:00 Lounge

Title: The state of cybersecurity of Switzerland

Workshop by Tiago Henriques, BinaryEdge (English language)

Description: For over two years BinaryEdge has been scanning and monitoring the state of cybersecurity of the world. In this talk we will look at the results associated with Switzerland and answer questions such as:

  • Which industries are the most exposed to cyber attacks in Switzerland?
  • Which industries are leaking the most data?
  • How does the financial sector in Switzerland compare with other countries in terms of cybersecurity?
  • Which critical systems are exposed to cyber attacks?


Tiago Henriques is the CEO at BinaryEdge however he gets to meddle in the intersection of data science and cybersecurity. I have spoken at multiple security conferences such as Bsides Lisbon, Brucon and PixelsCamp. I’ve passed by multiple companies, doing different types of security engagements, from securing and breaking into banks, telecommunication companies, and hospitals. Now trying to revolutionize the area of cyberinsurance. I can be found on twitter on @balgan.

16:00 Lounge

Title: User Testing and Evaluation: Don’t Just Assume – Verify

Workshop by Ginetta (German or English language)

Description: How do you create apps and websites that are successful on the digital market? The answer is simple: Focus on the user. Make sure your product meets the user needs and is easy to use. How can you achieve that? User tests are an inalienable part of the workflow. The goal of each user test is to gain valuable knowledge about your users’ expectations, motivations and behavior. In this Workshop you’ll learn how to conduct a user test to validate your product. Experience how to recruit the right test users, set up a script and lead the test like a pro. You will also learn how to evaluate the results to decide on changes for the perfect market fit of your product.

ilona-kleinIlona Baier is passionate about finding the sweet spot of technical feasibility, business viability and market desirability of digital products. She is working at Ginetta, a digital agency based in Zurich which is specialized in user-centered design and development. Analysing research data and designing clickable prototypes for startups and corporates such as banks or insurances is part of her daily work.


Sylvain Morger is a UX researcher at Ginetta. As a psychologist with a MAS in Human Computer Interaction Design, Sylvain is concerned with the human behaviour in the digital world. At Ginetta he ensures that digital products provide real value to the users. Sylvain analyses the behaviour and needs of the target groups by means of well-founded psychological methods such as qualitative interviews or user tests. The results are incorporated in the interaction concepts which Sylvain develops together with the interaction designers at Ginetta. He ensures the team’s focus is on the user during the whole process – from the initial concept to the completion of the project.

KPMG’s FinTech Advisory Box

14:00 – 17:00 Room A (German or English language)

At KPMG we use the combined strength of our renowned FS sector insight, our global network of expertise and our global partnership with the Fintech startup community to help you identify the partnership, equity investment or full acquisition opportunities that are specifically focused on your needs and opportunities or your best Tax location. Once you have made the strategic decision to transform your organization, KPMG works with you to fully implement at the operational level and ensure that you realize the full benefits of your Fintech strategy.